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Immigrant children,
They say you’re unworthy of
Either country’s blood.

Immigrant children,
Don’t believe them - you’re simply
Strong enough for two.

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I was talking to my brother earlier, when he was asks me if I could give him the numbers of two of my friends. After months of him bugging me, I was about to say yes when he tells me i’m stubborn and that I should have given them to him sooner. He finally tells me that him, my older brother and my mom wanted to have a surprise graduation party for me and it would have remained a surprise if I had given him my friend’s contacts. But what’s more exciting is that since I’ll be completing my Bachelor’s Degree in March, we decided it’ll most likely be a graduation/birthday party!!

I’m so excited!! As the youngest of four and the only one who isn’t married, my siblings always have birthday celebrations because their significant other plans something and considering that I attend a university about 6-8 hours away from home, I’m rarely ever there. This is my first party since my 3rd birthday and I’m so stoked!!

Anonymous Asked:
Tengo curiosidad por escuchar cómo suena su voz.. ¿Podríamos alguna vez escucharla?

He estado de tosicona por unos dias. Al momento, no me escucho muy bien pero tal vez en el futuro hago un video (??) No lo se, ahaha